MANY Judge(s), Lawyers and Others Downplay the People of Rights Assertion,
Calling us " Sovereign-Citizen(s)"...
simply reply: 
One Cannot,be a Sovereign 
and a Citizen, at the same time.

Calling anyone Educated in Liberation(s) such a name, may be disparaging to some; but we don't entertain, idiots with a degree... Shrug em'

Can anyone point to where the Power is located?

We suppose not. We have inherent Intrinsic right(s) do not let others degrade you and talk down to you.

We the People cannot be subjugated. We stand for Liberation.

Downplay as many will, Our day is here! 

We are the People all around the World and we exercise All Right(s).

We are the People in and beyond America.                   Sentient Living Inhabitant(s) Internationally.

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International Travelers and Private Individual(s) around the World!

What is happening here, is contract(ing)(ed).

To enter into Contract is perfectly Lawful and Legal.

Contracting is essential and frankly... 

the only "thing", well "right(s)", we have left as Citizen(s)/Resident(s) no matter where we are at.

It's time to assert your status as a Private Individual.

Enact on your own accord, Self-Governance.

Regardless where you are, you can Contract with Justice of Liberties to become a Beneficial Member and Cite the code(s) in your region and/or the information on the Card it makes no difference how you assert your right(s), so long as you assert them.


We encourage Self-Empowerment with the Natural Human Law(s) above any policy and/or it's enforcer(s) in any region.

Stand up for yourself No matter where you live!

We are created as creators, making families in Private; some information(s) is personal and private and therefore, is an exception to the "Rule(s)". Privacy is to be protected and exemption(s) are a Private ordeal.

We are in our Sovereign Personam as Private Individual(s) Native(s) to where we were born; exercising our free right(s) to travel, anywhere.

As well as, your right not to answer questions; the right not to consent to warrant-less searches; and not to be compelled to perform or comply with any policy out of Harmony with the Natural Law over Common Law. What we speak of are fundamental, Universal Human Right(s).

So yes,

You too can get an Exemption card!!!

The Tool, to assert your Human Right(s).


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