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Exemption Identification(s)

Identification for the Self-Governed. This Identification is under specific Jurisdiction that is WITHOUT the United States and is Lawful and Acceptable everywhere. If your municipality and/or Policy Enforcement in your area refuse to recognize such identification, they simply are ignorant of the Law and ignorance of the law is of no excuse.-16 Am. Jur.

Fore-Closure Solution(s);
Criminal/Civil-Educational-Information; We help Various Cases
not all Case(s) may Qualify; contact us for details.

Case(s) are an essential component to what we do.

We teach you and assist you in comprising the tools and information necessary to respond. Coaching is available...


Numerous times you need a real assistance to just point you in the correct area of "knowing" as far as, direction and processing(s). Knowing how to use what and when is a service we have put together from experienced associates here at Justice of Liberties. 


We are a contracting agency.

Our corporation provides detailed contracts and much more. If you need a Resume', Bill of Exchange(s), Origin Bond(s)[Surety], or a company is interested in doing business with your corporation, we can prepare your contract according to your format and/or Request(s).


We Do Not Provide Legal Advice.


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